So What’s Your Favorite Brand Of Canadian Alcohol?

So What’s Your Favorite Brand Of Canadian Alcohol?

When it comes to beer, there’s perhaps nobody more passionate than Canadian beer drinkers. There are some who are lifelong Molson Golden fans, and others who swear by Labatt Blue. To give you an idea of this passion, we recently joined a group of friends – Jimmy, Roger, and Billy – talking about their favorite beers and alcohol while watching a game of hockey at a Toronto bar.

JIMMY: Ok, guys, this is going to be a very quick debate. Everyone knows that Molson is the best Canadian beer brand. It’s been around since 1786.

ROGER: Yeah, maybe it’s been around since 1786, but didn’t you know – it’s now owned by an American beer brand, Coors. So how can it really be a Canadian brand? If you want the single best Canadian beer, it has to be Moosehead.

JIMMY: Moosehead? Are you kidding me? There’s nothing that can compete with the golden pale lager of Molson. It’s what I’ve been drinking since I was old enough to drink.

ROGER: Did you see that – what a goal! (Pointing to TV screen)

JIMMY: Hey, Roger, stop trying to distract me by mentioning the hockey game. You know everyone loves Molson Canadian. Every time I drink it, I look at that Canadian maple leaf on the bottle, and I want to break out into a rendition of “O Canada.”

ROGER: I hope we don’t have to hear you sing that again. (sighs)

BILLY: Guys, I know you can talk about Molson and Moosehead all night, but here’s my suggestion for the best brand of Canadian alcohol – it’s Canadian ice wine. Just send me a bottle of ice wine from British Columbia – maybe a bottle of Inniskillin – and I’ll be happy.

JIMMY: Billy, Billy, Billy… always trying to be different.

BILLY: Yeah, well, is there anything more Canadian than ice wine?

ROGER: Canadian ice beer?

BILLY: Really, Inniskillin ice wine from Canada is what President Obama drank during his Nobel Peace Prize dinner in Norway. If it’s good enough for President Obama, then it’s good enough for me…

JIMMY: Yeah, but what happens when you go to a hockey match? Are you going to drink ice wine at the rink? Nope. It’s Canadian Molson for me. I could drink that every night, and it doesn’t matter where I am – home, work, the bar….

ROGER: Ok, so let’s decide on some criteria for what makes the best Canadian brand of alcohol. It has to be brewed in Canada. It has to have a tradition that extends back more than 100 years…

JIMMY: That’s Molson. Did I mention that it founded back in 1786?

BILLY: And it needs to be something so distinctive that anyone drinking it is instantly reminded of Canada. Everything has to scream out “Canada” – from the label and packaging to the taste.

ROGER: I don’t think the three of us can solve it, just talking tonight at the bar while watching the game. Funny enough, we should open this up to a bigger debate.

JIMMY: Yeah, let’s ask our audience: What are your opinions on the top Canadian brand? Of the three we’ve picked – Molson, Moosehead and Canadian ice wine – which is your favorite?


*Note: Please drink responsively. Having a couple beers with your buddies for a game night is great but having cases and cases of beer in the same night is a whole other issue. This post is sponsored by our good friend. Find them here Canadian Addiction Recovery Network’s LinkedIn or Canadian Addiction Recovery Network’s Twitter profile

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