3 Quick Tips to Help with New Site Design

3 Quick Tips to Help with New Site Design

Frustrated with the new website design and don’t know where to start? Make sure you read our 3 quick tips to get things going.


1. Intuitive navigation.

“Main navigation choices usually use at the top of the website,” says someone with Encourage Business Ideas, John Gatti. Supply “secondary navigation choices beneath the main navigation bar, or within the border of the website, referred to as the sidebar.”

How comes intuitive navigation important? “Complicated navigation designs can lead to people stopping a full page instead of attempting to determine out it,” Gatti says. So rather than placing links to less important pages–that detract from your own proactive approach or main info–at the very top of one’s house or landing pages, set “less critical links or bits of information at the end of the site within the footer.” More tips on website traffic improvement.

2. Eliminate litter.

“it is extremely easy nowadays to be bombarded with pictures when confronted by way too many choices,” describes an electronic advertising company, Paolo Vidali, mature digital marketing strategist.

To keep the guests on your website, “make certain pages don’t have competitive calls to action buttons or banners or visual litter (e.g., plenty of artwork, pictures or animated gifs) that will attract visitors’ eyes from the most crucial area of the page.” To maintain the visitor’s attention” consider restricting choices and the links within the header and footer to filter the emphasis even more,” he says.

Another suggestion to streamlining pages: “Preserve sentences brief,” says Ian Lurie, President of the online marketing organization. “Of all the websites, just one section ought to be a maximum of five to 6 lines.”

3. Purchase professional photography.

“Readers can smell universal low-quality pictures a mile away — and they’re going to be left having a minimal impact on the organization,” warns group relations representative, Zane Schwarzlose. “Your organization is not low-quality. Therefore present these potential customers that by purchasing presentable photography.”

“We highly recommend our customers purchase qualified stock photographs or purchase photography,” says Gatti. Pictures that are great “attract the attention, offering the information with an emotional connection.” Photographs or low-quality photographs which have nothing related to your concept, about the hand, are not better than having no pictures.

Reward photography tip: “if you like to attract focus on a specific bit of content or perhaps a signup switch, incorporate a picture of the person taking a look at this content,” indicates Elie Khoury, co-founder and President of Woopra, which supplies real-time client and customer stats. “We’re instantly attracted to encounters of different people–so when we observe that experience is searching’ at anything, our eyes are naturally attracted there as well.”

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